. Replace the magazine and continue. If the weapon fails to fire it could be because it is not locked into battery. Check to insure the ammunition is not the cause. If the ammunition is in specs the cause could be fouling, lack of lubrication,. 2017. 5. 16. · “automatic", as long as the trigger was depressed and held to the rear, it would go through its cycle (fire, extract, load) continuously and the gun would continue to fire until it ran out of ammunition or malfunctioned. Explain: With a "semi automatic“, the firearm will only fi re a single round with each pull of the trigger. Locking will ensure that the gas expansion is captured and focused on propelling the bullet correctly through the bore. Once the gun is locked, it is ready to fire. Firing Pressing the trigger of the gun will rotate the sear, and send the striker or firing pin against the primer.

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